Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Debunking Rumors Regarding Self Storage

Are you preparing to move out of an old West Los Angeles home and need somewhere safe to place your possessions until you're ready to bring them into the new location? If so, you may want to rent a storage unit during the interim of moving. If you haven't done so yet because of hearing negative stories, this is not uncommon. For better or worse, however, these stories are more often exaggerations or completely false. Below are a selection of common storage facility rumors and the reasons why they don't hold water.

Storage Facilities are too Expensive
The most direct answer is that storage facilities have different rates that depend on what you're storing. For example, some storage facilities charge as low as $10 a month for small, unadorned spaces. If all you need to store are some clothes or files, this is a perfect deal. As you can probably assume, as you increase the amount of space, the price goes up. You can find locations that offer enough space to hold cars, for example, but the price will be noticeably higher.

Self Storage Facilities aren't Safe Enough
You'll find that nearly every facility in Los Angeles utilizes surveillance cameras, alarm systems, gates, and locking mechanisms at the very least. In addition, MiniCo Insurance Agency LLC—an insurance agency specializing in items held in storage facilities—recently published a study in the Self-Storage Almanac that showed security is making significant improvements every year. In 2012, the reported theft rate was 10.2%, but by 2013, the rate had fallen to 7%.

Storage Units are Unclean
As one of the most notorious “facts” lobbied against them, self storage business owners know that the public idea of their industry is one of a dirty, garage-like hole in the wall where you place your most prized items. One of the important things to remember is that West Los Angeles self storage companies want your business. This means they will employ frequent cleaning schedules, the best dehumidifying methods, and defend against pest infestation to ensure that they are cleanly. To see if your chosen facility is maintaining cleanliness, simply ask to tour the grounds and observe for yourself.

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