Thursday, September 11, 2014

Don't Get Caught in a Storage Nightmare in West LA

Are you planning on moving into a new home, or perhaps simply need a location to store some of your possessions in West Los Angeles? If so, public storage is a wonderful idea that can provide piece of mind for those suffering from house clutter. Not all storage facilities are the same, however, and there are many potential mistakes that renters can make when they decide to rent out a unit. Below are three potential traps you could fall into and how to avoid them.

Not Planning Ahead
Whether you’re excited to be moving out or just tired of having unwanted things in your house, you might feel inclined to simply toss all of your things into a unit as quickly as possible. Doing so, however, might make it difficult or impossible to find important valuables when you need to retrieve them. Instead, draw out a quick plan of how you will arrange your items in the unit, remembering to make accessible the things you will need soonest or most frequently.

Getting to the Bottom of Bugs
By the time you see your first cockroach, it’s probably too late. There are most likely dozens hiding behind and under your boxes. Don’t reach for the bug spray if this happens, however, as the scent alone can be offensive and will remain inside the unit. Likewise, the chemicals in the spray can seep into clothing or other items and cause damage. Instead, dust boric acid or diatomaceous earth along the edges of the unit. The scent of these materials will drive pests away without disturbing your own senses.

Failing to Fight the Elements
West Los Angeles storage units might be locked and air conditioned, but they aren’t completely air tight. This means that moisture can slip inside and potentially cause damage. Ensure that all of your boxes are completely sealed shut with packing tape, and place them on a surface above the floor, such as wooden pallets. Your clothing should be hung inside cardboard wardrobes and covered with a light material. Your things will enjoy their storage stay better when they have plenty of room to breathe.

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