Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Reasons to Rely on Personal Storage in Santa Monica

Whether you’ve recently moved to Santa Monica or simply don’t have enough space in your current house, personal storage is a great method of freeing up space around your home. Mostly utilized by families that have unexpected growth due to a new addition or family member moving in, personal storage has risen in popularity amongst young and old alike. If you are unsure whether renting out a storage unit is the best course of action, consider the following reasons why it could make your life that much easier.

Security and Peace of Mind
More often than not, the amount of security that protects a single storage unit is greater than that which is employed by the standard household. In addition to reinforced locks, you’re likely to find surveillance cameras at every door and towering walls to keep criminals at bay. The premises are kept thoroughly lit all hours of the night, and the only means of access to the units is through a security check. Comparatively, the simple locks, glass windows, and short fences of the typical home offer only a fraction of the protective power that a personal storage unit provides.

Space for the Big Things in your Life
The main reason why most people consider a storage unit is due to a lack of space in their home. What complicates these matters even further is if the item in question can’t fit in their home to begin with. Trucks, boats, and other large possessions may need a safe place to stay, but keeping them parked in your backyard might not be the best option. Finding storage in Santa Monica to protect these big ticket items might be your only choice.

The Benefits of Insurance
You may find when renting a storage unit that insurance is either offered or obligatory. This invaluable service will replace your possessions in the rare event that they are stolen or damaged. Even better, the insurance offered by the facility is often times cheaper than homeowner’s or standard renter’s insurance.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Storing Your Possessions When Heading to West Los Angeles

Are you planning on making a move to West LA in the near future and finding the process to be rather difficult? There may be several reasons for your troubles, but thankfully there is an easy solution. It is very likely that the house you’ve been living in for the past several years has a great deal of memories attached to it. However, it is equally likely that there is even more clutter piling up in spaces that you were completely unaware of before planning to move. If you are worried that you may have too many things to bring along with you at once, use this as an opportunity to store less frequently used or needed items that have been collecting dust.

A potential solution that could make your transition easier is self-storage in West Lost Angeles. Broken, unwanted, or older furniture can be placed inside lockers for safe keeping, comfortably out of the way until disposed of or needed. By making a series of boxes that will hold inessential items while packing, you can also safely store away doesn’t need to be inside the house immediately.

You can rest assured that
relying on storage in West Los Angeles is not only a time saver, but also completely safe. Your possessions will be protected by reinforced doors, countless locking mechanisms, and are monitored via futuristic security cameras every minute of every day. You can also rent a lease on a monthly basis, enter your locker at any time, and receive insurance on your unit – all specifically designed to make your life easier!

Moving into a new home should be an enjoyable experience, not an event to dread or curse. If you find yourself drowning in boxes, don’t hesitate to rely on a self-storage facility to give you a decent amount of breathing room. Your family deserves to be both happy and comfortable, which is achievable when relying on the right assistance when searching for a new home!