Thursday, July 31, 2014

Make Moving to Santa Monica Fulfilling not Infuriating

Regardless of whether it was your job or the beautiful weather that brought you all the way out to sunny California, living on the bright beaches of Santa Monica is impossible to beat. You’re guaranteed to feel at home in your new venue immediately thanks to the community’s fun and friendly atmosphere. The process of moving, however, can lead to a ton of stress before you actually get the opportunity to relax. Consider the following tips to make the transition quicker and easier:

Pack Several Light Boxes
Some people believe that the best method for packing up your home is to use as few boxes as possible. At first this seems to make sense, as fewer boxes would appear to equate to fewer trips back into the moving vehicle. Unfortunately, trying to stuff a few large boxes to bursting will only result in containers that are dangerously heavy to carry. Instead, package your possessions in several small boxes that can easily be maneuvered, perhaps even several at a time.

Rent a Storage Unit
Sometimes the hardest part about moving into a new home is managing to get everything into the new house. Whether your new living space is smaller or you’re simply can’t bring everything inside immediately, you may not have many options considering what to do with your extra furniture and other possessions. Thankfully, self storage in Santa Monica is east, affordable, available at any time, and provides a great deal of space for your convenience. Instead of panicking, utilize the specialized service that has been made available for just this situation.

Getting Your Friends to Help
Moving can be expensive, especially when you consider all of the hidden fees. Gas, boxes, a moving crew, and several other fees can begin to add up once you start to get the ball rolling. One of the more costly charges, the moving crew, can be avoided if your friends are willing to help. Be sure to offer them something decent in exchange to compensate for their time, such as first choice on furniture you were planning to get rid of during the move or a home cooked meal. You’ll be surprised how quickly they’ll jump at the opportunity!