Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Organizing your Storage Unit in Santa Monica for Peace of Mind

Whether you’re temporarily using a self storage unit in Santa Monica to assist you in moving to a new house or rely on one regularly, the task of keeping your rented area organized can seem like a daunting task. Some people fall victim to tossing items in without considering how they’ll excavate the object later, while others have so much to store that taking additional time to organize seems wasteful. The truth, however, is that simply taking a few minutes to plot out the best method of storing your goods can save you hours of heartache in the future. If you aren’t sure of the most effective organizing methods for your storage unit, consider the following suggestions.

Begin by removing everything in your unit on a nice, dry day. This will allow you to begin fresh, without fighting to swap the position of several heavy items. Once everything is outside of the unit, begin arranging your possessions by two criteria – how large they are and how frequently you’ll need to access them. Choose one section for your heavier items, placing those things that you will need frequent access to closer to the front of the unit. The lighter objects can either be stacked on top of the heavier ones, placed on shelves, or on the opposite side of the unit. Again, ensure that the items you’ll want regular access to are near the door.

Finding the perfect self storage unit in Santa Monica only requires a bit of searching, but learning how to organize one properly can assist you wherever you rent. Once you’ve practiced organizing your unit, be sure to maintain your new layout. Becoming lazy with upkeep is the best way to revert back to a disorderly and frustrating arrangement. If you find yourself falling back on bad habits, simply start over by removing everything and trying again.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Immediate Benefits to Self Storage in Santa Monica

If you’ve taken the time to look around while taking a walk through Santa Monica, you’ve probably noticed a fair number of self storage facilities appearing. This is due to a recent increase in the number of people changing their living situation compared to previous years. Research shows that families are 17% more likely to move into a new building at least once than in 2013 and 30% more likely than in 2012. To compensate with the difficulties of changing living locations, storage rentals provide a variety of benefits that make the task simpler. The following are just a small selection of benefits you can expect to encounter when moving in Santa Monica.

Convenient Hours
Many storage facilities know that moving can be a difficult task that very few of us can get away from work to do. That is why you’ll find many Self Storage Facilities in Santa Monica operating at hours that transcend normal business operation. This allows anyone to drop off or retrieve items at their leisure, without the need to rush immediately from their place of employment or request time off. Be sure to contact your preferred facility and ask for their hours to make a schedule you can follow.

Payment Cycles you can Afford
There’s nothing worse than needing something for an hour and needing to pay the fee for an entire day to use it. Owners and operators of storage units know that their clients range from permanent tenants to temporary guests. To find a paying system that works for everyone, most units run a standard price per month. This makes it easy for people who only need a temporary place to hold their possessions, while ensuring that business owners continue to make money from those who want to stay for years at a time.

Climate Control
Sometimes people want to store objects that are extremely valuable or delicate to ensure they won’t get lost or stolen. This is a great idea, but if the items are easily damaged you may be concerned for their well-being. Thankfully, most storage facilities allow you to request specific climate control for your unit. You can control the humidity, temperature, and other environmental factors to ensure your precious items aren’t destroyed while stored away.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Answers to Self-Storage Questions You’re Dying to Ask

If you live in the Santa Monica area, you know that moving can be a difficult task. The general hustle and bustle of the city makes even the simplest tasks twice as onerous. If you find yourself completely swamped while trying to get into a new home, consider renting out a storage unit to give you some slack. While there has been a lot of trepidation regarding self-storage units in Santa Monica, we’re here to answer the questions you may have been too afraid to ask.

Storage Facilities are guarded, so do I Need a personal lock?
The short answer is “Absolutely”. While the facility may be protected, there is no such thing as a perfect deterrent for thieves. If a criminal wants to get into the facility badly enough, he might succeed. Before he is caught, he will have the opportunity to steal from the easiest units to open. If yours isn’t locked, it might be the primary target. As always, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Can I put my Vehicle in Self-Storage?
That depends; can it fit inside your unit? While different facilities may have different rules regarding what can or cannot be stored inside their units, most locations are fine with anything that fits comfortably inside your allotted area. If the door can close, the answer is most likely yes. Do be sure to call first, just to double check – you may need to provide paperwork to prove the vehicle is yours.

Can Storage Prices be negotiated?
This is another instance where the location heavily determines the answer. While we typically expect goods and services to cost a fixed rate, there’s no reason why you couldn’t try to strike up a deal with the business owner. Sometimes your situation might be a unique case, or you might not fall into the exact specifications of the company’s scheduled sales plans. Whatever the case, there’s no reason you couldn’t try – just remember that the owner isn’t required to bend to your whim

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Debunking Rumors Regarding Self Storage

Are you preparing to move out of an old West Los Angeles home and need somewhere safe to place your possessions until you're ready to bring them into the new location? If so, you may want to rent a storage unit during the interim of moving. If you haven't done so yet because of hearing negative stories, this is not uncommon. For better or worse, however, these stories are more often exaggerations or completely false. Below are a selection of common storage facility rumors and the reasons why they don't hold water.

Storage Facilities are too Expensive
The most direct answer is that storage facilities have different rates that depend on what you're storing. For example, some storage facilities charge as low as $10 a month for small, unadorned spaces. If all you need to store are some clothes or files, this is a perfect deal. As you can probably assume, as you increase the amount of space, the price goes up. You can find locations that offer enough space to hold cars, for example, but the price will be noticeably higher.

Self Storage Facilities aren't Safe Enough
You'll find that nearly every facility in Los Angeles utilizes surveillance cameras, alarm systems, gates, and locking mechanisms at the very least. In addition, MiniCo Insurance Agency LLC—an insurance agency specializing in items held in storage facilities—recently published a study in the Self-Storage Almanac that showed security is making significant improvements every year. In 2012, the reported theft rate was 10.2%, but by 2013, the rate had fallen to 7%.

Storage Units are Unclean
As one of the most notorious “facts” lobbied against them, self storage business owners know that the public idea of their industry is one of a dirty, garage-like hole in the wall where you place your most prized items. One of the important things to remember is that West Los Angeles self storage companies want your business. This means they will employ frequent cleaning schedules, the best dehumidifying methods, and defend against pest infestation to ensure that they are cleanly. To see if your chosen facility is maintaining cleanliness, simply ask to tour the grounds and observe for yourself.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Don't Get Caught in a Storage Nightmare in West LA

Are you planning on moving into a new home, or perhaps simply need a location to store some of your possessions in West Los Angeles? If so, public storage is a wonderful idea that can provide piece of mind for those suffering from house clutter. Not all storage facilities are the same, however, and there are many potential mistakes that renters can make when they decide to rent out a unit. Below are three potential traps you could fall into and how to avoid them.

Not Planning Ahead
Whether you’re excited to be moving out or just tired of having unwanted things in your house, you might feel inclined to simply toss all of your things into a unit as quickly as possible. Doing so, however, might make it difficult or impossible to find important valuables when you need to retrieve them. Instead, draw out a quick plan of how you will arrange your items in the unit, remembering to make accessible the things you will need soonest or most frequently.

Getting to the Bottom of Bugs
By the time you see your first cockroach, it’s probably too late. There are most likely dozens hiding behind and under your boxes. Don’t reach for the bug spray if this happens, however, as the scent alone can be offensive and will remain inside the unit. Likewise, the chemicals in the spray can seep into clothing or other items and cause damage. Instead, dust boric acid or diatomaceous earth along the edges of the unit. The scent of these materials will drive pests away without disturbing your own senses.

Failing to Fight the Elements
West Los Angeles storage units might be locked and air conditioned, but they aren’t completely air tight. This means that moisture can slip inside and potentially cause damage. Ensure that all of your boxes are completely sealed shut with packing tape, and place them on a surface above the floor, such as wooden pallets. Your clothing should be hung inside cardboard wardrobes and covered with a light material. Your things will enjoy their storage stay better when they have plenty of room to breathe.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Avoiding Self-Storage Disasters Before they Begin

Are you getting ready to move into a new home in the Santa Monica area or perhaps simply need a place to store possessions that don’t presently have anywhere else to go? If so, you’re likely looking for a public storage facility that you can depend on. Unfortunately, there are just as many bad locations to choose from as there are good, and picking the wrong one could mean losing your precious belongings. How can you tell the difference? Rely on the following tips to help discern whether the storage facility down the street is worth your business or if you should head somewhere else.

Security Measures
First and foremost, a dependable storage unit will have a noticeable amount of security equipment at practically every place possible. Tall fences with reinforced gates, constant security surveillance, and locks on every door are the bare minimum. If you find that a facility lacks any of these features, or if your unit specifically has a problem remaining completely sealed, seek out another location immediately.

Keeping it Cool (or Warm)
Climate control is another important feature to be on the lookout for. While perhaps not quite as important as security, sensitive items – such as papers or clothing – can become damaged if not kept in a proper environment. Heating and air conditioning for each unit should be independent; otherwise the condition of your possessions may depend entirely on someone else’s whim. Be sure to check with the employees to ensure you know how to adjust the thermostat and when it can be accessed.

Pest Control
The only thing worse than unexpected damage due to climate is damage done by pests. Be they insects, rodents, or something else, the Santa Monica storage facility you rely on should be completely devoid of creatures that could destroy your stored things. If you have even the smallest fear that bugs or mice are chewing holes into your sensitive items, alert an owner immediately. It is difficult to tell how bad an infestation is from one incident, and the sooner the staff knows about the issue the sooner they can figure out how it occurred.