Monday, June 16, 2014

Moving Help Highlights: California

Moving into a new home or office can be a difficult piece of work to accomplish, and figuring out the details can make it seem that much longer. There are many things to consider before finally choosing to relocate, including the reputation of the new neighborhood and what the local amenities are. To help make the decision process less stressful, learning strategies to save time can provide much needed relief once you agree on where to go.

This week we’ll focus on those who are moving within the Golden State – California. While there may be plenty of sun and fun to be had, moving day can be a real hassle if you aren’t prepared once the big day rolls around. Before the week of your departure, be sure that you have collected the essential moving tools. These include, but are not limited to: Boxes, Bubble Wrap, Labels, Pens, Tissue Paper, Tape, and Markers.

Once you finally get around to actually packing, don’t overlook helpful places to store items. Common household furniture, such as dressers and end tables, often has drawers that can contain clothing or other small objects. This will easily reduce the number of boxes you need, but ensure that you don’t make the furniture too heavy to lift. Also, be sure to pack items that go to the same room within the same box when possible. This will help minimize the amount of running around and related confusion once you get everything inside.

If you aren’t certain whether you’ll be able to transport everything in a short amount of time, consider rental storage. Storage facilities in Santa Monica are well known within California for their variety of different sizes to choose from, as well as high class security. If you’re going to be making a decent number of trips, it’ll help to know that your possessions are safe and secure while you deal with the stress of moving.